What FTP Program Should I Use To Upload My Web Site

FTP is the process by which you transfer files across the internet, from computer to computer. This is the traditional way people publish web pages, by copying the files from their computer to a web server.

The best PC FTP program is probably WS_FTP. You can find the nearest place to download it for your version of Windows at www.shareware.com. In addition some versions of Windows 95 provide a basic FTP program. (You can locate it by using 'Find' or try typing 'FTP' in the 'Run...' window.)

The best Macintosh FTP program could be one of two: Fetch or Anarchie. Anarchie takes a little more effort to get working properly, but provides the most features and the nicest interface. Find the nearest place to download them at www.shareware.com.

UNIX has a built-in FTP program so that shouldn't be a problem if you are using Linux.

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