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Monday 15th of December 2008 07:17:29 PM


Have fun hacking Waterboy and the lifeless cadaver that is Jauron at the Patriots game, I think it will be 0 - 6 in the division and 10 straight losses to the damn Bostonians.

Wednesday 17th of December 2008 08:58:33 PM


Hey is this the place to Blog about how my Flyers are gonna bring home the CUP this year...oops guess I got the wrong site. This is the place were all the poor dis-illusioned Billie Fans go to wax potic about the plight of their long doomed team. Nice blog notes, Charlie, you speak the truth!

Sunday 04th of January 2009 03:23:04 PM


I really don't think the Flyers are that good and by the way, i'm watching the Dolphins get waxed by the Scravens. I'm glad to see Uncle Ralph has kept the "continuity" with that bucket of emotion-less bones Jauron. Does continuity mean we'll suck ass every year he's our coach?

Sunday 08th of March 2009 06:54:45 PM

clint mckenna

Hey John how you doing? Are u as surprised as i am about Terrell owens being a buffalo bill?? Should be interesting to say the least...

Monday 30th of March 2009 05:44:59 PM

John Lang

Gothic Hill Ent. is a proud sponsor of Niagara Jr. Purple Eagle Mite House Sabresharks and Mite Select Hockey. The Mite Select team will be playing in Toronto April 3,4 and hopefully the 5th. Best of luck guys!

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